THE GREAT SEDUCER: The Secrets of Brand-Name Industries

Television Documentary * Current Affairs 

Scriptwriter and Director: Elisabeth Scharang
Cinematographer: Sepp Neuper
Sound Technician: Mario Hopfgartner
Film Editor: Christine Öllinger
Production Coordinator: Maria Motter
Production Manager: Peter Thomsen

FORMAT: Digi-Beta * 4:3* 45 Minutes

Produced for the ORF


This documentary explores the question of which strategies lay behind successful market brands and their unique images. The film crew succeeds in providing a look into the usually very confidential interplay between marketing and design departments of major corporations.

Advertising strategists work together with trend researchers. One of them is Li Edelkoort from Paris. She is said to be two years ahead of everything and claims to know what the world will soon be clamouring for.