DOWN THE DANUBE: A Trip to an Unknown Europe (3Parts)

Television Documentary * Current Affairs 

Scriptwriter and Director: Trautl Brandstaller
Cinematographer: Joe Malina, Sepp Neuper
Sound: Mario Hopfgartner
Film Ediror: Adi Walisch
Production Manager: Peter Thomsen

FORMAT: Digi-Beta * 4:3 * 3 x 45 Minutes

Produced fort the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) with the support of City of Vienna.


For 50 years southeastern Europe was cut off from developments in the West, and ten years after the fall of the “Iron Curtain” these countries remained a terra incognita for many people.

The documentary is an investigative journey down the Danube from Bratislava to the Black Sea. The combination of conversations with farmers and fishermen, bankers and entrepreneurs, writers and politicians all come together to produce an exciting mosaic of desperation, awakening, resignation and hope.

Part 1: Slovakia and Hungary
Part 2: Croatia and Yugoslavia
Part 3: Bulgaria and Romania