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Elisabeth Scharang, film-maker, about the film:

I first met Friedrich Zawrel in the year 2000 during the course of research for my first feature film, "My Murderer". I was deeply moved by the long conversations I had with this exceptional man, who had stored the details of the abuse he suffered and of those who perpetrated those crimes with the precision of a scientist, and this helped me achieve a greater understanding of the historical period.

In my view, the attitude adopted without question by many Austrians can be illustrated by the approach used in the 1970s by the Social Democrat Bruno Kreisky, former Austrian Chancellor, who defended the integration of people with a Nazi past in the cause of "social partnership". The main feature of this attitude is a refusal to confront uncomfortable subjects, trivialising them with jokes and evasions and thus ensuring that a political discourse - and the consequences it would bring with it - is never allowed develop.

The failure to confront the full repercussions of events that took place 60 years ago - which is yesterday in historical terms! - has given rise to an approach towards society itself characterised by guilt, cowardice and anti-Semitism, which is to the shame of Austria as a nation and its people.

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